About company

About company “Storm Marin Vladivostok” LLC

“Storm Marin Vladivostok” LLC is the general agent of the Eastern Dream Ferry cruising to South Korea and Japan which performs full technical maintenance of the vessel, tour sale and renders the full range of services on cargo handling, vessel affreightment and vessel service in the ports of the Russian Far East. Founded in 1999, “Storm Marin Vladivostok” LLC has been carrying on business successfully for 10 years.

Our undoubtable advantage is our professional personnel working in the branch for more than 20 years.

The priority of “Storm Marin Vladivostok” LLC is the passenger’s safety and traveling comfort. We are always ready to make advances to our customers and to consider all their preferences.

“Storm Marin Vladivostok” LLC carries out an important mission contributing to development of international relations between Russia, South Korea and Japan and to prosperity of tourism in the said countries.

“Storm Marin Vladivostok”LLC is in constant progress and moves with the times mastering all the up-to-date approaches in the field of passenger and cargo traffic. The company has great plans which are starting to realize and going to please the company’s customers soon.